Fly around in your spaceship to help your mother eat cows by beaming the cows up and taking them to her.  Use your radar to find hiden cows in the fields, and watch out for the army, they have tanks ready to take you and your mother down!


WASD | Move

Left,Right,Down,Up | Fire in direction

Hold Spacebar to carry cow with beam, release spacebar to release cow


Renderbydavid | Code

Imonk | Graphics

PlasticCogLiquid | Sound & Music

Sean Leffler | Battery Pickup Sound

              CreepyRebel | Page Thumbnail, Background & Banner

Our submission for WGJ 118 'Spaceship'


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Love it! There are a lot of ways to expand this game.


Nice game and music! I liked the UFO's UI a lot!

This game sucks because the mother ship is to damn slow and the cow looks like poo.




Nice game! :D


Yeah thanks!