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A little boy goes missing in the woods behind his home, his father (Player) searches for him. It is unknown if he was abducted or just got lost playing.

Antler is a short 10min horror game made with PS1 graphics. Take part with old school Tank-Controls and fixed camera positions.

The only control is WASD so if your not into these type of "Walking-Sim" games or if it's too short then please don't play it.

The Team

Renderbydavid - Game Design, Writing, Code, Modeling, Animation

Junior Amaris - Modeling

Stephan Bester -Music

Paulo Meneguetti - Concept Art

PlasticCogLiquid - SFX

CreepyRebel - Graphic Design

Kazilmin - Voice

Michelangelo - Voice

Jar Red Gaming - Voice

Lana Wildash - Voice

ObviouslyMichael - Writing, Voice

RiMsels - Voice

TerranceNicholsonVA - Voice

LordofHamsters - Voice

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Amazing funny little crap game, in a weirdly positive way.

Not much to say about it, it's ending is so bizarre, the dialogues are voiced so stupidly bad, wich makes the game pleasingly fun to play, so I don't mean anything of this with bad intensions in mind.

Well, the controls ARE pretty old school and you can't, and don't have to get used to it 'cause of it's length.

Before I write more than the game takes I quit with this Line:

It's worth to play, 'cause It's funny!

This was good! Gave me PS1 vibes, and I like how the story unfolds. Really interesting ending too lol. Overall, a good short horror experience! Great work!

Wow it is just like the good ole PS1 days. I did enjoy this, with it's tank controls and fixed camera. It was like visiting the old survival horror of old. I also laughed a lot in this. Thank you for making this. Keep it up!

Enjoyed this one, fun trip down nostalgia lane. The tank controls, fixed camera, it's like being on a ps1 again. Well done. Keep it up!  

Un excelente juego, con gráficos muy atractivos. Espero ver más de esto pronto

Great story and graphics!  Waking through the woods to find something unknown in your backyard was pretty spooky.

В лучшем духе ретро хорроров с PS1.

Жаль, что игра такая короткая, если будет продолжение - было бы здорово!

Успехов с разработкой!


really great one:) i had some problems with the directions/keys

BRUHHH AMAZING!!! I did not suspect it but my god so sad.


Great visuals and plot. 


great jobs :D


Happy to lend my voice in this game! Great cinematography and sound design. Intriguing plot. What more can you ask for?!