Combat Hero : is a single player clicker like fighting game, where the only attack button is spacebar, but you can still move around and block. You traverse through levels in an adventure mode, fighting through common enemies and when you kill the boss of the level the next level is unlocked to travel  to. 


Currently version 1.0 Experimental

2 Levels 1 Fighter for the main player

1 Training arena


A/D : Move Left/Right

W : Jump

S : Block

Space bar : Attack


Credits as of version 1.0 Experimental

"Renderbydavid" Code, Voxel Art, Pixel Art

"SuperCupcakeTactics" Pixel Art

"Screamheart" Voxel Art

"Techno52" Voxel Art

"CreepyRebel" Graphic Design

"AudioWMC" Music

Published 27 days ago
AuthorRBD Interactive
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, clicker

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