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Huldufólk was made for the Folk Horror Jam

You play as an archeologist that is hired to survey a build site, to confirm it doesn't include any ancient artifacts. Before you do that, you spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast where the host warns you of Huldufólk, a Faroese folklore.



Mouse : Look

WASD : Move

Left Click : Interact


@Renderbydavid : Code, Modeling, Animation, Story

@davidsoundwizard : Music, SFX

@Ivan.FlorenciaGames : Modeling

@ScrufflesBear : Voice of B&B Host

@Rirasab#4509  -  Nicholas Hellyer : Voice of Player

@Creepyrebel : Itch Cover Image

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You really nailed the PSX vibe.  This was fun!


Very nice cinematic touch :D


Interesting little game. I had fun with it. And now I'm reading about Huldufólk :)


I really loved this.. :) so sad cause its short 

this is my gameplay.. its pretty interesting.. i like it.. keep making more games


Loved the graphics and the premises of this game. Looking forward to a fully fledge game. 


Different style
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Really loved the game, the atmosphere, the graphics and its folklore, the game had some texture oddities here and there, but nothing too important. In my opinion the player's movement speed and the mouse sensitivity were a little bit fast.


I liked the idea and style of this game. It was short, sweet, and to the point. I feel like it can be expanded on further and turned into a larger experience. Good work! I made a video with this game as well!


I can’t believe how much love went into this game!! It’s so good!! 


Read up on the folklore after playing the game and it was pretty interesting! Really cool to see a real life myth taken into a game. Especially one with great sounds, visuals as well as interesting story. The fully voiced surprised me and showed that you guys put in a lot of effort into the game and it was rally awesome to see that. The graphics were elevated by the great music that made everything seem fresh and free and was generally really well made! 

Only suggestions I might add are Huldufolk appearances in the Bed and Breakfast. Maybe add a random pothole or a broken machinery, and it would create this circle of satisfaction for those who noticed it.

But overall, a great game, super glad I stumbled on it and it could be a pay to play game and no one would question it because the quality is there! Great job on the game!

help! whenever i try to move the mouse it just turns up and spins, making it impossible for me to move around >,<
WASD works as intended

if i unplug the mouse while the camera is moving, it will continue to move

Very cool game. I liked the setup and graphics. However its a bit silly hearing the protagonist say its just an artifact on the photo when it clearly shows an outline of a monster. Maybe blur the image a bit? I had fun playing this game!


Love this!!! felt like a teaser for a game I would absolutely play.  had a good set up and pay off and I love the look and the color design.   


I have to say, that I had a good time playing it.
It has this retro style that I always love.
It had some long cutscenes, which I don't really mind.
So overall I don't have any bad experiences of the game.
Maybe the voice acting for ME is a little lame...
...but whatever...


Starts at 10:00

So I actually really enjoyed this game, though I did wish it was longer (but I understand for why it wasn't). It surprised me that Huldufolk is an actual folktale that I haven't heard of yet, so it was definitely interesting to learn about it. And also, the voice acting was a pleasant surprise! Overall, loved it! 😊

What game engine did you use?



Huldufolk Up! this game has potential for a longer version!


I am quite interested in your game and would like to do a video on it. How long is this game roughly?

Thanks for your interest it's around 7mins

Awesome! I can work with that, I can't wait to play it :D

There's voice acting in this game! That's the #1 thing that surprised me. I got a bad feeling about this when the BB renter start telling the main character abut the monsters lives around here. He should've given him a gun or something to protect himself with :p 

An interesting game/folk tale. Loved everything about it. The only problem is that is too short.

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it was a good game. The visuals were cool.

Cutscene felt me like i am watching a movie. The view over mountains was nice shot and the last one with water and mountains was too good.

Good work on dialogues and story. I think it could have given a chance to escape. The taking of photograph was a good mechanic to add. The environment was well setup. Hope to see you guys update on this project soon :)

It was fun to spend time on this mini little Huldofolk game

I guess next we can add more exploration and save people from Huldofolk. I mean Huldofolk would have captured some people and we save them.

There can be story next that archaelogist brother goes to find the Huldofolk and it goes on.


This was very well made! Almost felt like a movie with the aspect ratio the way it was, and the way cutscenes flowed into moments of gameplay. Great work! 

Very cool atmosphere and visuals!

Loved this game wish it was longer but still good.


Amazing little game! You cook it perfectly for the jam, I can only imagine what you could have done if given more time, like a section were you scape from the Huldufolk!

Here, for the rest of the people reading this, have a video of me playing the game, give me a chance and hear my awesome voice and my sharp commentary~ thank you :T


Bravo to all of the devs involved in this. Perfect blend of sound, visuals and overall mystery atmosphere. Highly recommended!


Interesting game/story.  Really liked it, cheers!


I love folklore horror, so Huldufolk is just my kind of game. I appreciate a game jam game being voiced; it’s a pleasant surprise amongst so many games that rely on random notes. The game’s premise is the perfect setup for what’s to come later, and gives the player the feeling that there’s nothing to worry about, despite knowing better. I’d like to see this idea expanded further, perhaps with more scenes or the ability to explore more. But I had a really good time with what’s here. Well done! 


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😀


I really loved this! Anything folklore I find to be very intriguing, I only wish there was more! 

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Yo dude I like your game but I experience some issues in the archeological sight my fps suddenly dropped and the game started to lag

What's the resolution of your screen?

1920*1080. The game was running at 60fps in the beginning 


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 2d there, also likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. The story is amazing! It was nicely paced. You created a great ambiance, intrigue and a sense of tension near the end. Also, I think it was incredible that you voice acted the game! Amazing!

2. I loved the little the environment a lot. It was so nice to see a remote bed and breakfast, sheep, weird construction site. Definitely felt like some kind of mythical creature could exist there. Also, the comments of the main character made the experience more immersive.

3. Is Huldufolk a real story of some culture? If it is then it's great! I think that more games should be based on existing myths and legends as it is very interesting, entertaining and educational to learn them.


1. I didn't really like the textures that were used for walls and windows. They are nice in the open space but in the closed space like a house the look weird as the player has to go near the walls a lot.

2. It felt like there were more dialoges than actual playing the game. Voice acting is great but there wasn't much of the gameplay to back it up. It didn't feel like the player was in control of anything.

3. I think that if you'd add different endings, then the previous point wouldn't exist because the player would be in control of the experience. You could add an ending where the player leaves before investigating the last thing and the character never knows whether there were any creatures or not.


This game definitely deserves 5/5 stars. That impressed me a lot! I can't wait to see more from you and I think it would be wonderful if you would continue working on this game and make it a bigger project!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks for the feedback

Huldufolk is based on real folklore, although the ending where you are kidnapped and chained is made up. Huldufolk are actually not that hostile(so it seems)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulduf%C3%B3lk

As of right now I don't have any plans on expanding this game, and if I did it would most likely be a continuation; if ever I feel like diving back into Huldufolk 2-3 years from now.

But we will take your feedback into consideration for future horror games

- Renderbydavid


very pretty

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