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the story was interesting, but it was too short to actually grab me. the voice acting seemed lifeless, like they were just reading off of a script. 

and i know that this was supposed to be a ps2esque game (like the indie game community has a shortage of that...), but the animation n modelling seemed really janky. it's weird, but not in a good way.

nontheless, the story was interesting, and i hope RBD interactive get better, since they have some potential.


Super jeu et super ambiance !

J aime beaucoup, dommage qu il soit trop court :]

Loved the graphics and the mellow atmosphere of the game. What a terrible and slow way to die. I'd hoped to fight back a little more but I guess that's the price of stepping onto folk land. The sheep might have been my favorite. Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

Realized later that there was no audio (new computer) but I enjoyed the game so I replayed just to get the sound. I'm glad I did since I found more pictures. Still a pleasant experience even if you have to die. Thanks again.


Cool game I would say is only let down by the very quick ending. Sounds,music and voice acting was all great. Story was very intriguing and all put together extremely well.


I loved this, so cinematic, all the details you put in to make the story come to life and that ending, marvelous. 

I also played Luggage and love how you have such a unique style to your games. 

it is a horror game?

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I really enjoyed the game! Very small but very interesting!

My channel:

Love the aesthetic and story!  Very comfortable atmosphere and great PS1 graphics.

It's cool to learn about new peoples and cultures/folklore!  I'm sure by now people have told you the skins are pretty glitchy but yeah, solid fun game!

This game was pretty solid. Definitely love the story. Made a video on it.


Cool game. Music and art are a 10. I like the folk story, it's a 10 also.

Comments below clip;

When simple surveying turns into a spiel of the underworld's unruly satans of Scotland. You take a picture. We shoot.

Or stone you to death.

 Any which way, you will not proceed any further.

Nicely done, loved the game. Kudos to all involved.

No bugs or hiccups found.

Great little game. Now I´m afraid of those love little creatures hahaha.. played here :)


i'd love to play a long game of yours bet they would be great

apart from beig short, it's great!


really sad it was so short but honestly that was really good. i hope you make more games this was wonderful



This was such a beautiful game!  One of my top favorites.  I wrote a full review on my site as well, but here's my playthrough.

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?

Theres a twist in the end, not really jump scary but can be if your really fragile. I say not really cuz it practically builds up to it and shouldn't be too surprised

Weird game but peaceful

Weird game but peaceful

The graphics moved kinda weird like the textures would ripple. The ending was just so so sad and it just depressed me. This wasn't scary to me but just his fate like man...

I really liked this game, despite it being short, it did get me with a little spook. If this game was bigger, I would have liked more information on the folklore of Huldufólk. I did make a YouTube video, but the video did kind of come out poorly though, but I felt there was so much to unpack in the

short time I was playing.

Amazing game. The voice acting was surprisingly spot-on. The game has one major spook moment but man it is a great spook. Also I like this kind of graphic style (maybe because they aren't large in size). The working of reflections spooked me a lil bit. Overall, a must play 5-minute game. On top of that the size is just a little over 50mb.

great game !!

Bruh, hví havi eg ikki sæð hetta fyrr? Gleði meg til at spæla hetta seinni í kvøld :-)


A short but amazing little game.

For some reason the game started running at like 10 FPS when switching levels into the archeological site. Other than that, no issues. 

IMMA GRAPHIN' MAN (of the photo variety ;{)

Love the folklore feel of this. Your game starts at 4:53

interesting little game that taught me about hikdefolk. i thought the cinematography was well done. set a great atmosphere and captyred the action well.  i will say the affine texture warping was laid on a bit thick, but good game overall.

Loved playing the game! The atmosphere and graphics were really good. Keep up the good work! 


Just found and played the "Huldufólk" game and just wanted to say I loved the graphics! I think this could be developed upon w:)


You really nailed the PSX vibe.  This was fun!


Very nice cinematic touch :D

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