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You play as Steve. He has arrived at the airport from a camping trip and has some important Luggage that he must carry with him.


WASD - Movement

Lft Shift - Sprint

Mouse - Look

E - Interact

J - Inventory/Journal

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(113 total ratings)
AuthorRBD Interactive
Tags3D, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Story Rich


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Most of all I liked the graphics

I HIGHLY(wink) enjoyed this lil adventure. Good work by all.

Interesting storyline! not bad!

Really liked the beginning. Set-up was interesting. Nice mystery. Ending felt rushed, confusing and disappointing. Wish there was more. Still, for a free experience, that intro was worth it.

Still unsure? Feel free to check out my playthrough:

Muy buen juego, lo jugué en mi video de tres juegos randoms y em divirtió bastante, aunque haría que el personaje pudiera caminar un poco mas rápido

played this as part of a 3 random games, very much enjoyed it

Fun short game with a big mystery. Really captured the 70's movie look and enjoyed the graphics. One thing I noticed was when I was in the "notes" and switched to inventory and it said "player inventory."


Airports are pretty scary, even when you are secretly the villain all along...

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Why did he do that for?

I wanted to know what Gail did to deserve such treatment.

Secretly, you're the murder.

23:51 in. 
Gotta say, not what I was expecting but a great story about guilt. 
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Loved it!

This is my video in italian

extremely impressed with this game! highly recommend everyone to check it out!  

Great game! Good story

I love it, it’s amazing!

I really didn't expect this game to go this way! Such a good story. Really makes you think. Great job developer, I'll defiantly be following you for more games!

Here's my playthrough if anyone would like to see:

check the link provided in the description. i'll consider it a preview to a subsequent vid? ;)

What link are you referring to? I'd love another game to play a playthrough on!

the link that you included in the YT vid for luggage is not for luggage.

Oh thank you!


What a ride this game was, I really enjoyed your unique style and the music was fantastic!

I still have no idea WHY Steve did what he did, but I really enjoyed how the story was told. In the form of 'baggage' he brought home with him from that trip.. 

Loved it!


Extremely short, to the point where you might as well not play it at all. 8 minutes, maybe? When the credits rolled around, I was expecting to only have played the intro.

Deceivingly high production value, voice acting,and design, only for it to flounder out so quickly.

The only positive I can state is that pulling the camera control away to focus on an object while walking is a much better gameplay element than using a cutscene.

From a narrative perspective (because that's likely what the producers will use to justify the lack of content) Luggage is vague and cowardly. We don't know why Steve iced Gale. We don't much care, to be honest. The girlfriend line gets thrown away. The foreboding implication of luggage just turns out to be a metaphor emotional baggage, which I physically cannot about, because none of Steve and Gale's relationship or conflict has been built at all.

I'm really hoping somebody tells me it's one of those fakeout endings and you're meant to start the game again to continue the story.

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Sometimes the best games are the shortest. I personally love short games like this, and the environment around it I could spend great amounts of time just staring around at all of the little details.

Truly we live in an age where games can either be 500+ hour long campaigns, or short beautiful pieces of art.

interesting game, very short but well made. i liked it, but why did steve kill gale?

good short

This was an incredibly interesting direction I wasn't expecting. Great work on it. If you're cute, click. If you aren't, click anyway.

Great work! I enjoyed the atmosphere and the story.

Thank you for your nice work.

Really enjoyed how this story was told 9/10

Bom jogo, história massa, bem curto! É mais envolvente pela trama, pois não tem muito terror... é algo mais psicológico mesmo!

This Game Had a Lot more to it I'm Sure. There is a guarantee that you could make a second game based on the truth behind why Gale was chosen and what was meant to be left in the past. Truly loved the story


Oh...The luggage is a metaphor for emotional baggage...

Yup you got that right..

Great game and a really enjoyable style of story telling. Absolutely loved it. Recommended to all players 10/10

Gostei do jogo. Gráficos agradáveis, história interessante e uma grande reviravolta! Este jogo quebrou totalmente as minhas expectativas.  


Né? Mt loco, top d+

I Love The Style

Its The First game

Hi great game, I liked it!


Pretty fun game, definitely different than what I thought it was gonna be. The voice acting was kind of Meh but it was funny. I put it in one of my 3 Scary games videos and would appreciate it if people watched an subbed. Almost to 1k 

I made a video on your game (12:36)

Very interesting concept. I love it!

Linux version?



Interesting game! I feel like the leadup and "reveal" could have been a little different and therefor more impactful. I like the way it looks. I wish it were just a tad longer. 

I just played this game. it could of

been better 

Really enjoyed this, this game has some cool unique ideas. Music was also nice. (My gameplay of this game starts at 10:59)
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