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Why did I do that... 

(First game I play)

Interesting game. Definitely had some twists and ideas I didn't expect :)

Well that took a turn. Short but very well made game.


Well this left me wanting answers!

I liked the concept of the game and was surprised by the luggage! I was expecting a head! It's pretty short, but great job!

I honestly thought I could guess what was going on but BOY WAS I WRONG😂. Here's my video...don't be shy, CLICK IT!!!

this game was really good 

I liked it:) thought the end was kinda confusing

Gameplay from INDONESIA 

This was honestly a very interesting experience! I loved the aesthetic of the game and the story really came together well after that sick transition. Keep up the good work!

[) [}

The graphics are awesome. The story was alright. Left me with too MANY questions. However, this game was still good and the length definitely fits the category. I would like a longer version of this game though! I think it had plenty of potential. Here is the game play on the game! Hope you all enjoy! :) 


I cannot possibly see the "game" in this "game"... why is it so short? And we don't get further with the story getting the slightest explanation to the reason why stuff happened. 1/5

I want to go in, too

this horror game?


perdi todo mi tiempo el juego esta en ingles

Hey I played your game and I really liked the unique style of telling the story and I kept trying to figure out the ending. Thanks for making this. Here's my playthrough - 

Nos divertimos mucho jugandolo. Fue un placer recorrer el aeropuerto, muy detallado.

We had a lot of fun playing it. It was a pleasure to tour the airport, very detailed.

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Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at this one lol. The name Steve just makes laugh for some reason, and the music never made it any more serious. Still, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Keep it up!

I am a little confused but whatevs

(This was the first game I played in this vid)

8/8 would go camping again


Pretty Fun Game, Wish we knew why he did it tho.

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

kinda slow paced but overall nice. I liked the style and walking in a airport. The suit case transition was pretty awesome :D  

This kind of art style is amazing

I really like the story and especially the art style!


This was a fun little story! I loved the music and the graphics. Would have loved to know just a bit more about the characters involved, but still really enjoyed the experience!

I talked about Luggage in this week's video: 

Well... I have questions. 


haha this was fun. Nice work! I really liked the style and music too.  


Really enjoyed playing this! The sound effects and voice acting really made it enjoyable too. Thanks so much for sharing the game! 

If you're interested, you can watch my playthrough on YouTube by following this link!

Enjoyed it!


I liked the quirky music and overall vibe. Would've liked to know more about the characters so the ending had more impact. Fun game :)

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It was okay. Movement was solid, interactions worked well. Though not much build-up. I thought I was gonna be in for more, hence having an inventory felt a little unnecessary. Sound design was okay, nothing to write home about. I was NOT bored whilst playing, the story was such that it kept me intrigued, perhaps after finishing this game, I do feel a little underwhelmed. That said, a SOLID, 4.5/10! :) 


Really enjoyed the sound design, music, and atmosphere. Can't wait to play more from you! 7/10
Gameplay + Review below:

This game has low res charm and a story that caught my interest from the start. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of your games and future projects.

Cool. Interesting. Thanks to share this game. Video:

1st Game

Nice drama. Not actually a horror game but rather a Thriller. Hoping it to be longer.

i love this game- also the play on words of 'luggage'- although, i would like to know why the main character did what he did and for the game to be a bit longer. overall 8/10 game, well done

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A lot of time wasted trying to find a way out at the airport

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