Help your fallen comrades by getting their toy parts off the conveyor belt, or they will be recycled into god knows what! But first you must put your self back together, and watch out for enemies they will tear you apart..


A - Left

D- Right

Space - Jetpack, uses battery

Mouse Click - Fire Lazer, uses battery



David L Martinez - Graphics, Code, Animation  Follow on Instagram

AudioWMC - Sound Design & Music


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I like the concept! And would like it even more if I could find a way to move forward on the conveyer belt after I got pushed back. Because when I am almost falling in the black pit there's no way to get back in the game. Maybe everytime you collect a good part you go a bit forward? 

Thanks for the feedback! I'll see whats up in the update, you can also use your jet pack to move forward

oh really :O

This is a really cool idea. I agree with the other commenter about the difficulty setting after many tries I still haven't saved a single toy :( But if that is improved a little this can become really fun!

Thanks for playing! Yah this is the first thing I'm going to fix in the update Lol

This is an interesting game.  You may want to rethink your difficulty scaling; I keep getting big groups of enemies before I even see a torso.  And even besides the enemies, I can get a ton of garbage coming at me with no way to avoid it, and since there's no way to recover distance it only needs to happen a couple of times to lose.  Also I would appreciate a volume control.  I do like the way it looks and I think I would have fun with it if I could actually progress reliably.


Hey thanks for your input, appreciate it. You're right its a bit weird for the difficulty & spawning. I will take this feedback and apply it to the next update!