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Ok, here's an honest review because I actually like this game. It just has some negatives as with anything else.


Great graphics, actually legitimately looks like a PS2 game with modern lighting engine.

Oh my god the soundtrack! The soundtrack is awesome and really set the mood.

Atmosphere in the cabin and woods later in the game was very naturally placed and legitimately felt real and foreboding.


Voice acting is weak. My dude sounds like TTS.

Writing is weak. There is a serious lack of creativity in the notes and voice lines. Neither sound like a human wrote/said them. It all is just generic. 

Stop the auto guiding. The only time I felt it was necessary is when the main character was stumbling around at the end. It kept me from exploring the world of your game. In a horror game, especially one that's supposed to be minutes long,  environmental story telling is vital to the experience. You've already nailed the atmosphere, now take advantage of it and tell a story with it.

I played in browser so a bit laggy

I love horror games that take place in snowscapes or blizzards.  The cabin was small and cozy, but it didn't mean much in the end when he left and ran into the monster.

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?



OMG that twist the music brought a smile to my face. I was like way...I loved how you guided us. Kinda hope we see this monster again and maybe some more choices.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music! This was my first horror soundtrack.

I'm glad you have a lot of teeth.


Thanks was nice

It was good although laggy the web version.

This is an awesome game, That first part with the monster dashing through the woods scared me lol


I liked this Cthulhu monster,very cool

Is it supposed to be all black screen at first how do you turn on flashlight

Fun and interesting experience. Crazy stuff happened and thank you for all the work 👍

this was coolllllllll

it seems really good and the voice acting amazing i only watch someone play it but i can the mouse sensitivity is way to high and dont know how to fix it


It was very short but I enjoyed playing it! The horror elements were spot on.

This game gave me the chills!! like WOW!! This is great! I love the voice acting to, it adds way more to the game rather then plane old text onscreen. I swear when the door banging started , I legit did NOT want to open the door!

Nice game


fun game!! 

So much fun! Highly recommended to anyone who will listen.

Creepy game. The puke scene made me gag lol. Bravo. Check it out. Like and subscribe if possible pleeaaase. Need all the subs I can get =)

I got what i wanted as a horror fan! This was a great little gem, curious about your other projects!


A fun short horror experience for any horror fan.

What a wild ride! Check out my review!


who playing the game me or him? xD

Deleted post

its Fun game i like it but so short story

you stole ytgamingzoom's thumbnail of this game and put markiplier's face on it not hating mark but wow 

I had fun. This is my italian gameplay :) hope to see part 2 

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A great, little game! I really liked the atmosphere and lighting, and the contrast between the cold exteriors and the warm cabin. It was a little clunky and linear at times, but the story and setting were very well done. It reminded me a bit about The Long Dark, and played like a short horror movie. I guess I have to replay and choose a different chocolate at one

Great game, I like the style of Alone In The Dark. Keep up the good job.

Cabin has some great things going for it. I love the premise and moody music to go along with it. Only the on-rails portion of the game gave me pause. I’d love to see a longer, full release! 

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Thank you for your amazing game, i was scared to death!!! Keep it going you have talent.

I posted a youtube video in spanish. Ty again!

Very nice

Really enjoyed the noire voicework and the overall atmosphere. Such a rad little experience.

Interesting start to the game it has potential I hope you  update it in the future 


Rapid firing thought boy over here haha I really love the 'locking the player in' mechanism when the narration wants you to know something, but maybe being able to break free should be an option. I'm curious, is there any reason in particular why it is sooo important to choose between such delicious snacks? Can I have both lol?

Great work!

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