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This game gave me the chills!! like WOW!! This is great! I love the voice acting to, it adds way more to the game rather then plane old text onscreen. I swear when the door banging started , I legit did NOT want to open the door!

Nice game


fun game!! 

So much fun! Highly recommended to anyone who will listen.

Creepy game. The puke scene made me gag lol. Bravo. Check it out. Like and subscribe if possible pleeaaase. Need all the subs I can get =)

I got what i wanted as a horror fan! This was a great little gem, curious about your other projects!


A fun short horror experience for any horror fan.

What a wild ride! Check out my review!


who playing the game me or him? xD

The ambiance is really nice. The voice acting sounds just a bit off though. Other than that, I enjoyed the experience! I linked my playthrough in case anyone is interested (the first game)


its Fun game i like it but so short story

you stole ytgamingzoom's thumbnail of this game and put markiplier's face on it not hating mark but wow 

I had fun. This is my italian gameplay :) hope to see part 2 

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A great, little game! I really liked the atmosphere and lighting, and the contrast between the cold exteriors and the warm cabin. It was a little clunky and linear at times, but the story and setting were very well done. It reminded me a bit about The Long Dark, and played like a short horror movie. I guess I have to replay and choose a different chocolate at one

Great game, I like the style of Alone In The Dark. Keep up the good job.

Cabin has some great things going for it. I love the premise and moody music to go along with it. Only the on-rails portion of the game gave me pause. I’d love to see a longer, full release! 

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Thank you for your amazing game, i was scared to death!!! Keep it going you have talent.

I posted a youtube video in spanish. Ty again!


Very nice

Really enjoyed the noire voicework and the overall atmosphere. Such a rad little experience.

Interesting start to the game it has potential I hope you  update it in the future 


Rapid firing thought boy over here haha I really love the 'locking the player in' mechanism when the narration wants you to know something, but maybe being able to break free should be an option. I'm curious, is there any reason in particular why it is sooo important to choose between such delicious snacks? Can I have both lol?

Great work!

Really interesting game, did not expect to have voice acting in it, just a shame it was short. Feel free to check out my gameplay of the game

I was just hurt that there was such an interesting story, with a short game lol. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless. So do keep up the work

I have mixed feelings about this.

As a player:
I found it enjoyable but wish there was some game in it. Perhaps that is because it is only a short introduction chapter.
You don't really have any options (apart from snacks), and are forced on the rails into each part. This is even more so by the end where you can't even turn around.

As an interactive horror movie this works well, as you can focus the audience where you want them and direct the pace, but as a game it falls rather flat.

As a developer:
The design is a bit mixed which is a real shame. This is obviously due to the mix of pre-made and self-made meshes.
Guys, the dashboard in the car ? Really ?
You could also easily find a decent steering wheel somewhere.
This is the players first contact with the game, sitting in the car looking at a car body and scenery from a modern PC game, and a stearing wheel and dashboard from a 90s console game.

I suggest even though the items may not be needed, that making more of the objects in the cabin interactive, have info, or have the voice say something about it.
The open medikit should have raised some sort of comment from the character.
Coming in from the cold and standing near the fire should get some sort of comment about relief and warmth.

It felt weird that I could not pickup the torch again when going to the door, and then the animation made me pick it up when opening the door.
These are 2 disconnected things. Don't worry about the player fogetting the torch.
As long as the player cannot see far out the door they will pick it up before stepping out.
I see why you did it, because once out the door you cannot return.
Rely on map design, sounds and signals to the player where they need to go, like you did at the car.
You force control on the player after the bridge anyway so it didn't seem like you needed it at the cabin.

Not knowing if, when or why I was in control was a bit anoying for a game, but for an on-the-rails horror movie I look forward to more.


I liked this game so much and for me it was actually really scary due to the fact I am terrified of the dark and monsters and to top it all off it I got a video of it mostly to give the creator player reactions. And also the video is of 3 games yours is the first.


This was definitely interesting, had a creepy atmosphere

This was creepy

Fun little horror game. We enjoyed it very much. Loved the creppy atmosphere.

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Hello i want to say i really enjoyed playing this game it had pretty good atmosphere and the monster was really scary! the only issue i had with this game was the notes, they were illegible i don't know if it was the graphic settings sense i didn't touch them other than that i enjoyed playing this and can't wait to see more from you. 

Gave it ago and literally screamed lol

earrape muc

Hey, I featured your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:09! Hope ya enjoy!

Gave it a go...

If you were in the middle of the woods, in a spooky cabin, with no way out, would you choose chocolate or almond snacks? these are the big questions we ask in Cabin! There also may or may not be a boogyman on the loose. No pressure!

If you watch the video Please Subscribe! It really helps, thank you.

I'm a huge fan of short horror stories so I was pretty excited to play this! Can't wait to see the other games in the series! 


Great little experience. Cool sound design and atmosphere.
Good job  😁

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